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European Qualifier – Rules

1. General

a. Tournament

i. Open Qualifiers

Open Qualifiers are free and open one day tournaments. Check in is required & opened 30 minutes before the open-qualifiers starts.

European Open Qualifier #1: July 21st, 14:00 CEST
European Open Qualifier #2: July 28th, 14:00 CEST
European Open Qualifier #3: August 4th, 14:00 CEST

Official Battle.net Channel on Northrend is:  Clan GGRU

ii. Final Tournament

The Endgame Gear Masters Final Tournament consists of two phases
Phase 1: 8 players will qualify via European Open Qualifiers.
Phase 2: 4 players will qualify via participation in the Endgame Gear Masters Final Tournament

Phase 1: August 6th – 8th, 19:00 CEST
Phase 2: August 17th

b. Participants

Everybody who owns a legal copy of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, is allowed to participate in the Endgame Gear Masters Qualifiers and will be called participant in the following.

Europe Qualifiers : only players currently living in Europe can participate.

c. Referees

Everybody who has been authorized by KhaldorTV to administrate the Endgame Gear MastersQualifiers based on its rules and regulations will be called a referee in the following.

The head admins are:

  • durO

The referees are:

  • TBD


d. Commitments

  1. Every participant has to own a legal copy of WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne to participate in the Endgame Gear Masters and be able to run Battle.net
  2. Every participant agrees to be available during the days in which the cup takes place. Dates are stated in 1.a.i and 1.a.ii. Staying away from the event without a solid reason which has to be communicated to the admins beforehand may result in a ban for future tournaments.
  3. By attending the Endgame Gear Masters, participants agree without reservations to comply with the rules and regulations as well as the decisions made by the referees of the Endgame Gear Masters. The application of these rules and regulations is at the sole discretion of the referees. Any decisions made may overrule the following rules and regulations to maintain the spirit of competition. Participants have to obey the instructions made by the referees at all times.
  4. Every participant acknowledges the right of the admins to modify these rules and regulations at any given time and without prior notice.
  5. Every participant is asked to maintain an adequate level of respect and friendliness with the other participants and the referees. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behaviour towards the referees and the other participants won’t be tolerated and might be punished with a warning or an immediate disqualification.
  6. Every participant has to stay ready and available for the duration of the Endgame Gear Masters or until his elimination from the tournament. Longer absence needs to be approved by the referees in order to avoid any sort of punishment.
  7. Participants need to be at least 14 years old.


e.  Game Account

  1. Every participant is required to list the Battle.net WarCraft III account that is used to participate in the Endgame Gear Masters in their profile.
  2. Every participant is responsible for updating his game account if he decides to use a new game account for participation. It is forbidden to use a game account that is different from the one listed in the profile. Violations may result in an immediate disqualification from Endgame Gear Masters.
  3. The use of multiple accounts for the same Endgame Gear Masters is prohibited and will result in disqualification from the Endgame Gear Masters.
  4. By attending the Endgame Gear Masters all participants agree to their game accounts being visible to third parties.


2. Competition Format

a. Open Qualifiers

  1. Endgame Gear Masters Qualifiers are Single Elimination tournaments.
    1. Early rounds are Best-of-1.
    2. Quarterfinals and later rounds are Best-of-3.
  2. Seedings are based on an elaborated admin decision prior to the event to ensure that top participants won’t eliminate each other in the early stages of the tournament. Seedings will not be changed within one Qualifier, but subject to change after every tournament in accordance with player’s performance in the tournament.
  3. Players accumulate ranking points according to their final placement in each qualification tournament. Ranking points are awarded as follows:
    1. 1st Place: 6 Ranking Points
    2. 2nd Place: 4 Ranking Points
    3. 3rd/4th Place: 3 Ranking Points
    4. 5th – 8th Place: 2 Ranking Points
    5. 9th – 16th Place: 1 Ranking Point
  4. The 8 players with the most Ranking Points accumulated after all three Qualification Tournaments are qualified to play in the Final Tournament

b. Final Tournament

  1. Endgame Gear MastersFinal Tournament is a Double Elimination tournament.
    1. Early rounds are Best-of-3.
    2. Starting with the Losers’ Round 3, the matches are Best-of-5.
  2. The Final Tournament consists of two phases
    1. Phase 1 is played out online. This includes the 1st and 2nd round of the Winners and Losers Bracket
    2. Phase 2 is played out offline and includes the final four matches of the Double Elimination Tournament.


3. Match Regulations

a. Game Settings

  1. All games are supposed to be played on Battle.net in current patch version 1.31.1.
  2. The match settings have to meet the following requirements:
    • Game Speed: Fast
    • Lock Teams: Yes
    • Random Races: No
    • Random Hero: No
    • Observers: Full Observer
    • Visibility: Default/li>
    • Handicap: 100%
  3. If the game is broadcasted, the casters are permitted to force the players to use red and blue as player colors. The player mentioned first in the grid has to pick red.

b. Hosting

  1. Games will be hosted by the players of a specific match
  2. It’s only allowed to start matches if both participants are ready.
  3. Referees and players have to make sure that the correct map is hosted. A protest after the match has been played for more than one minute is void.
  4. If one of the participants experiences temporary difficulties during a match, he has to communicate this to his opponent by taking a timeout.
  5. If the problem is not fixable without leaving the game, it’s up to the referee to decide on how to proceed.

c. Map Pool & Map Voting

  1. The map pool for all Qualifiers contains the following maps:
    1. Amazonia
    2. Concealed Hill
    3. Echo Isles
    4. Last Refuge
    5. Northern Isles
    6. Terenas Stand_LV
    7. Twisted Meadows
  2. Players have to decide on a race before the veto process starts.
  3. Map vetoes will be made before the match starts.
  4. For a Best-Of-1, both participants alternately eliminate one map until only one remains (A-B-A-B-A-B). The remaining map will be played. The participant mentioned first in the grid starts with the procedure.
  5. For a Best-Of-3, both participants alternately eliminate one map until only three remains (A-B-A-B). The participant mentioned first in the grid picks the first map. Afterwards, the loser of the match prior determines the map.
  6. For a Best-Of-5, both participants alternately eliminate one map until only five remains (A-B). The participant mentioned first in the grid picks the first map. Afterwards, the loser of the match prior determines the map.
  7. A map may only be played once during each match.
  8. Vetoes and Picks must be told to the official broadcasters if asked.

d. Match Results

  1. After finishing a match, the loser has to confirm their loss.

e. Disconnects

  1. In the event of a disconnect during the first four minutes of the match, the game will be restarted if there was no contact yet between the participants. The participants have to call a referee if the problem occurs frequently.
  2. If a participant disconnects after the fourth minute has passed, it is up to his opponent whether the match will be restarted or not. A referee needs to be informed no matter the decision!
  3. If the disconnected participant was clearly winning the match, the replay needs to be sent to a referee who will then decide whether the match has to be restarted or not.
  4. In case of a rematch the participants have to choose the same races they picked in the initial match. If a participant chose random races, he has to pick the race which he eventually ended up playing as in the initial match.

f. Default Wins

Under the following circumstances a participant is allowed to claim a default win by contacting a referee.

  • His opponent didn’t show up until 15 minutes after the match had been created on the Endgame Gear Masters tournament webpage. Under certain circumstances and in order to ensure fair play, the referees are allowed to increase/decrease the deadline of 15 minutes.
  • His opponent has entered an invalid and/or different game account in his profile than the one he entered the game with. Referees are allowed to set a deadline for the participant to change his game account accordingly.


4. Coverage

  1. No observers are permitted, even if both participants agree.
  2. Referees, official broadcasting partners (video streams) and coverage partners are always allowed to observe a match.
  3. Video streams have to set up with a delay of at least two minutes.
  4. Players are allowed to stream their own games with a delay of at least two minutes.
  5. Streams other than official broadcasting partners are not permitted to cover the event at all stages.
  6. Official Streamers’ list:
    1. Khaldor
    2. TBD

5. Cheats & Bans

  1. The use of cheats, hacks, third-party tools, smurfing or any violations against rule 5.b are strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification from the Endgame Gear Masters.
  2. It is forbidden to watch or to listen to any sort of broadcast of your own matches while the match is still underway.
  3. The head admins reserves the right to ban participants from the Endgame Gear Masters because they have been banned from other leagues or tournaments for cheating or unfair behaviour. Any kind of unmannered behavior (insulting, profanity etc.) will cause a ban as per referee’s decision at any stage of the tournament.
  4. Technical lose can be given for abusing ingamebugs. Decisions are made by the head admins.
    For example:

    • infinite invulnerability (during teleportation and cancellation of teleport to a moving Tree of Life)
    • staff of the Goblin Zeppelin by the hero with this hero jumping inside of zeppelin
  5. The player has the right to take a break in the game for up to 5 minutes. If the pause is prolonged, the opponent has the right to call for the techwin by referee’s decision. Players who have qualified for the final may take a break for 15 minutes before the first game. The following breaks between games are no more than 5 minutes.


6. Rule Violation & Punishment

  1. Any breach of the rules may be punished with a default loss or disqualification from the Endgame Gear Masters.


  1. Legal proceedings are not permitted.

I would like to cast the Endgame Gear Masters, who should I contact?

Please send us an email to partner@endgamegear.com. It is important that you tell us in the mail in which language you want to cast the tournament and on which channel it will be broadcasted.